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About Us

Lab Medica Services was founded in 1995 by Mr. Richard Ramrekha as a small scale private medical laboratory. The laboratory situated in San Fernando provided its services for patients through physician referrals as well as companies seeking services such as drug and alcohol testing.

With a strategic vision to grow the organization into a full fledge medical facility, our management embarked on heavy business development initiatives. Identifying key market segments such as the Occupational Health Industry, Life and Health Insurance Sector, Private Physicians Markets and Private Individual Health, our team focused on products that satisfied niche needs for these segments.

By developing our product portfolio, increasing our capacities through the opening of additional branches and increase staffing, Lab Medica continued its growth path into a major quality competitor in the private medical services industry. From a staff of three (3) employees and history of eighteen (18) years, Lab Medica grew into the Lab Medica Group of Companies.

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